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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 22, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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that is wrap on news watch this week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it right here on fox news channel. we'll see you next week for another edition of fox news watch. >> gregg: we begin with a fox news alert out of libya n. a new round of violence. a mob of protestors taking the streets in benghazi taking their anger militia they blame on the attacks on the american consulate there. >> gregg: welcome, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: several protestors are dead and dozens of others are wounded as they force the group to flee benghazi headquarters. militia commanders deny responsibility for the attack that killed america's ambassador christopher stevens along with
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three others. greg palkot is streaming live from tripoli with the very latest. >> reporter: just a while ago we spoke with an aide to the libyan president and they are gratified what is happening in benghazi. they want to bring order. now, they are trying to rein in the public's anger. according to one of our contacts on the ground as many as ten people have been killed, maybe 70 people injured. that is when a peaceful rally in benghazi turned violent. that is when various militia compounds were hit. targeted group, you folks have mentioned. a group suspected of having a strong tie to the killing of stevens and three other americans. after the protestors ransacked that compound. that militia overnight they went on target at least one other militia with closer formalized
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ties to thet. that is when much of the casualties occurred. for its part, they declared their innocence but they are evacuating the city of benghazi to preserve security there. again, it is the insecurity created by the militias that the people are upset about. they are upset about the death of stevens and other americans but upset about a string of incidents. that is what brought them out in the streets and thousands yesterday. a peaceful protest against security. experts remind us one day of action will not be enough to rein in the militants, to rein in the islamists but this is a beginning and certainly hearing some of the pro-american sentiment honoring the late american ambassador, thought to be some kind of son so liags as well. >> heather: gregg, thank you.
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>> gregg: new details into the investigation who is responsible for killing four americans at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. f.b.i. considering the possibility the attack may have been an inside job. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest from washington. >> reporter: an f.b.i. team assigned to investigate the murder into chris stevens is looking into the group of hundred attacksers had inside help from the private security contractors from the state department had hired to guard the consulate. susan collins asked the director of national terrorism center at a committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group, a private security group out of wales to hire local guards. the contract was worth half a million dollars. indications that the local
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guards may have been casing the consulate were revealed oh an online gaming site. quote, assuming that we don't die tonight we saw one of our quote, police taking pictures that guard the compound. he could have been referring to the libyan government police that guard the periphery of the compound. today the protestors targeted the compound of another group. this group may be eald with al-qaeda. they are looking at american personnel move to a safe house one mile away were ambushed at the second location. that may mean they were killed by attackers who were tipped by libyan insiders. >> gregg: jennifer griffin, thanks. >> heather: we are tracking the latest wave of anti-american demonstrations breaking out around the world, tear gas
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against rock throwing protestors in the capital of bangladesh. we're getting reports of dozens of arrests and scores of injuries there. thousands in lebanon marching near the israeli border showing anger over the film while hezbollah organizing a rally in east jerusalem. hezbollah leader telling the crowd that the film is quote an american policy against islam. and anti-american demonstrations are going on in europe, hundreds are filling the streets in germany for the second straight day. here is the question. what can the u.s. do about all of this? we will speak with aaron david miller, a former advisor to six secretaries of state of. frantic search for survivor after an air strike in aleppo. no word on casualties have been recovered.
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amateur video expecting a an explosion in homes. it's been a year and a half against the uprising against the syrian president began. nearly 30,000 people have been killed so far. >> gregg: to electoral politics and right now governor mitt romney is in the state of california. he is getting ready for some last minute fund-raisers just added to his schedule. this is his running mate, congressman paul ryan is crisscrossing the country. meeting with voters in the key battled ground state of florida and heading off to his home state of wisconsin. steve centanni has details from washington. >> reporter: the battle for the swing states intensifying now with few weeks left before election day, we have paul ryan -- we have paul ryan is
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campaigning in florida as you mentioned. he was in miami earlier. he is in orlando now and wrapped up an event in orlando. florida all important because of it's 29 electoral votes and also, of course, a high population of seniors who live down there who are very concerned about medicare and obamacare and social security. that was one of issues on the plate today when paul ryan addressed this group at sort of a roundtable townhall meeting. he was boo'd just yesterday or a few days ago in new orleans when he called for the repeal of obamacare. today he was cheered when he mentioned his plan for saving medicare. >> mitt romney and i have looked at the issues, worked with the democrats, came up with the best ideas from both parties for a plan to save medicare. president obama hasn't done a thing. president obama is complicit with this program going
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bankrupt. >> reporter: mitt romney himself in california today as you mentioned not campaigning for votes but it turns out the republicans are few million short behind the democrats in last month's fund-raising contest. so romney out there and yesterday he was in a wealthy suburb of san francisco at a fund-raising event. he also he8d a public appearance in las vegas. two more fund-raisers in southern california, los angeles and san diego. this comes, by the way, as he gets a clean bill of health from longtime family doctor. he says he is suited for the rigors of being president and only problem he appears to have some high cholesterol. >> gregg: he joins a lot of americans with that issue. nominee paul ryan than the isn't the only one campaigning in wisconsin. president obama is there as well. we have the latest from the campaign trail straight ahead.
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>> heather: right now romney and president obama is campaigning in different parts of the country. week and a half from now they will meet face on face at a stage in denver on the first presidential debate. both sides are expected to come out swinging. what can we expect? jamie weinstein joins us with more. thanks for joining us? >> thank you for having me. >> heather: 12 days from now, it's a domestic policy debate. what is the most important thing each of the candidates going forward? >> i think for romney no question he has to convey that the economy, everyone agrees is not in the best shape, it doesn't have to be that way. he has to convey that message and try to demonstrated that he is the person that can turn it around through the life story, pointing to that is what he did as a career. three to get that cross. on the other hand, you'll have president obama who i think will
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continue his campaign message really not discussing what he has achieved in the four years considering where the economy is, but trying to make romney not qualified for the job, out of touch. maybe bringing up 47% comment that we saw last week that was caught on tape at a fund-raiser where mitt romney said, 47% of america will never vote for me anyway, they don't pay taxes. they are dependent on the government. that is not my message, trying to say you are not representing all of america there. they are going to try to paint romney as out of touch, not capable for the job and by default you have would re-elect me. >> heather: speaking of taxes, let's talk more about that. governor romney released his tax returns from last year, it shows he paid $2 million, a rate of 14.1% and donated $4 million to charity. that is more than president obama and biden donated in
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actual percentage of income combined. romney gave 29% and obama gave 22% and biden gave 1.5%. how will they address taxes in the first debate? >> president obama is going to try to painted mitt romney, his economic plan of wanting to help the 1% trying to play in that occupy wall street mentality that romney only cares about the rich and his friends. romney is going to try to say, i wanted to improve the economy by lowering taxes for everyone, to cut reductions but make eight simpler tax system and help everybody in turning around the economy. you will see two different messages on taxes. >> heather: and message on medicare. we know that democrats accuse republicans of turk night a voucher system. republicans point out that president obama cut $718 billion out of medicare over ten years.
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do you expect more of the same in that area as well or do you really expect any specifics? >> i would hope that it would be a high level debate here. i think it's very important, if we are lucky that we will get two different visions. i'm afraid president obama is going to accuse mitt romney on wanting to end medicare as we know it. but if president obama's plan, he really doesn't have one, but if it keeps the status quo, medicare will end because it's unsustainable. there are hundred trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, medicare and social security. unless a serious plan to fix that. these programs can't be sustainable. >> heather: what about a jobs plan from either of the candidates. we have governor romney, five-point plan, it promises to create 12 million jobs under four years. under president obama we have an
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unemployment rate that is above 8%, has been for 43 months at least. how do you think the candidates will address jobs? >> as you mentioned before, will we get specifics? we might get more. candidate romney has promised he'll get more in depth with his plans. gin argument for mitt romney, mr. president you have had three and a half years, unemployment is higher than it was when you took office. it rose to 10%. it's at 8% today. certainly we can do better than this. it doesn't have to be this way. when i get into office, i'm going to reduce regulation. i'm going reform the tax code and try to get the economy growing again. >> heather: finally, i want to talk about the importance of this debate and all of the debates coming up in terms of undecideds, those likely voters that haven't made up their mind. we have a gallup poll that puts governor romney and president obama in a tie, a dead heat, 47%
1:14 pm
each. also with this poll it points to the number of undecideds that being around 6%. what do you think this debate and others will mean for those voters? >> i think it could be significant. with the race so close as it is, these debates could be crucial. in 1980, many people think it was the debate, specifically the last one that caused the undecided voters to give former governor of california ronald reagan a landslide victory. i think these debates could be the same for mitt romney if he can show that inspire the public to believe he can turn this economy around. he can get the voters to switch to him. >> heather: we'll see what happens, october 3rd, the first debate. thank you. >> gregg: president obama campaigning in the battleground state of wisconsin today, also happens to be the home state of the republican vp nominee paul ryan. so what is the president going
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to say when he steps to the mic in about half an hour. >> heather: giving back, those that gave so much for our freedom. warrior ride, cross-country mission and we are live at the start go line. >> gregg: what does eric holder know about operation fast and furious, that report is in on the botched gun tracking program. now, the family of border agent brian terry whose murder is linked to fast and furious is speaking out about it. >> he was an american hero to me. i just think he would want to be remembered like that. that is why it's so important for me to get closure. [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
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>>. >> gregg: right now a dozen people are gearing up to bike all across the country and goal is to raise funds for a couple of foundations that support veterans' families. the warrior ride will begin on the west coast and end at the world trade center in new york city on september 30th. claudia is live in beautiful
1:20 pm
oceanside, california. >> reporter: for most people flying across the country is grind, imagine the mental strength you would need to bicycle some 3200 miles from california to new york? today its job for the marines. or formers continuing service to their country is about to hit the road. in a show of endurance and friendship, 12 buddies are participating in the 2012 warrior ride across america. this is fund-raiser for two organizations that support america's troops and give scholarships to the children of fallen heroes. annual ride begin four years ago as way to turn enthusiasm into biking to help fellow servicemen and women. >> we're going to be rotating who is driving, fixing flat tires, making sure guys are getting proper nutrition and hydrate, people are resting at the proper times.
1:21 pm
a lot of that ties into being a marine and being a part of the unity. >> reporter: they will ride in shifts to sun up to sundown and they will cover 450 miles a day. they hope to reach the 9/11 memorial at ground zero one week from tomorrow. one rider told me, just now, you heard it, it's going to be something like a deployment. you see the support vehicles here and mechanics and medics on hand to make sure these riders get the nourishment and hydration they need and as much rest as they possibly can. they are hoping to raise a million dollars through this charity effort. there is about quarter of way through. if you would like to learn more about the ride or make a donation, go to the foundation or marine corps law foundation, those are two charities benefiting from the ride. it gets underway and gentlemen
1:22 pm
are getting ready. they are up to the task. they have been training for six long months and we'll be covering the event. >> gregg: what a wonderful they are doing. claudia, give them our best wishes. we're going to follow what it is they are doing. stick with fox news for updates on this cross-country warrior ride. we're going to have coverage of the group's arrival at ground zero on september 30th. >> heather: coming up new hope for troops suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. an injection may hold the key to recovery. >> gregg: investigators revealing their findings in the month long investigation into the fast and furious gun running scandal. the report confirming that the u.s. attorney general eric holder did not know about it, but not everybody is satisfied that he is completely in the clear. >> just because you are not convicted doesn't mean you are vindicated.
1:23 pm
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>>. >> heather: right now president obama is getting ready to speak in milwaukee. he is hoping to drum up more support in the hotly contested battleground state but he has to contend one of wisconsin's own is running on republican ticket. ed henry is live in milwaukee with more. >> reporter: you are right. the democrats are nervous about this battleground of wisconsin. president carried it by almost 14 points last time. now, he has a single digit lead because he has not been in the state for over 200 days. republican national committee is
1:28 pm
trying to make a lot of that, suggesting he is on defense. that is why he is rushing back to the state for the campaign rally this evening. what is also interesting is the message, you'll remember a few days ago took heat from republicans saying he could not change washington from the inside. the aides said he has prevailed when he uses people outside washington to pressure republicans and get things like the payroll tax cuts extended. nonetheless, mitt romney hit him on this issue and president on the campaign trail yesterday mocked mitt romney's response. take a listen. >> he set at a rally, he declared i'll get the job done from the inside. what kind of inside job is he talking about?
1:29 pm
is it the job of rub er stamping the top down, you are your own agenda of this republican congress because if it is, we don't want it. >> reporter: now, you mention paul ryan being from wisconsin and another reason for democrats to perhaps be nervous about this state. today paul ryan campaigning in florida made some light about the president's remark about not being able to change washington from the inside. paul ryan basically suggested that why is he even in office. >> just a couple days ago, president obama admitted that he can't change washington from the inside. why do we send presidents to the white house in the physical place? i mean, we send presidents to change and fix the mess in washington. if this president has admitted that he can't change washington, you know what? we need to change presidents.
1:30 pm
[ applause ] >> reporter: now, the other reason why republicans feel some momentum here in wisconsin they had a test run for the presidential race and fact you had the recall election involving scott walker. republicans prevailed and democrats acknowledge acknowledge that republicans can turn out vote here. >> heather: thank you, ed. >> gregg: the justice department inspector general releasing his long report on fast and furious and finds that eric holder did not know about the botched gun tracking program that allows thousands of weapons to fall into the hands of mexico's most violent cartels. some of those weapons ended up
1:31 pm
at the scene of brian terry's murder and his parents say the report is to get the attorney general from being blamed. congressman john mica joins us and held hearings on this report. congressman, thanks for being with us. i did thumb through a summary of it. it appears that holder was was not told about the gun running tactics but when he did learn about it he shut it down. does it vindicate him? >> i don't think we actually know. we're still trying to get documents. he declared executive privilege over 74,000 documents which were not part of the inspector general's reviews. so we will continue to pursue contempt proceeding. >> gregg: let me stop you there. are you suggesting he is hiding some incriminating documents from his own inspector general?
1:32 pm
>> again. sometimes what you ask for. i've asked questions of witnesses and actually had the media ask other questions and when put them together you get totally different responses from some of these agencies. again. if an inspector general and congress have not yet seen some of the documents pertaining to this situation, then questions remain. >> gregg: it's not a fair investigation. this jumped out at me from the inspector general's report. quote. we struggle to understand how an operation of this size and importance with the potential impact on the country could not have been briefed up to the attorney general. if eric holder was oblivious to something so vital, does that suggest to you that in terms of managing his very important
1:33 pm
department of justice, he is incompetent? >> again, it raises questions. that is all we think. we have a responsibility to do, to get those questions answered. again. >> gregg: do you think he is good attorney general? >> we had several hundred others in mexico, you had them spend million dollars buying several thousand weapons which only a hundred were recovered. all this going on. this investigation from the inspector general was from the bottom going up. they found 14 people to say throw under the bus, but the bus driver is driving the bus. >> gregg: most of 125,000 employees of department of justice, he can't be held responsible for everybody. the parents of brian terry says we're not buying it. if his top lieutenants knew,
1:34 pm
then holder must have known and they think this whole inspector general report is nothing more than a cover-up of holder's complicity. do you share that suspicion? >> i do share that suspicion because everything leads to the attorney general's office. the higher-ups that managed to worm their way out of any responsibility. this is highest judicial office in the united states, farce enforcement. you have the head of the criminal division who is let off the hook in this to the attorney general still going to be in office who is responsible. someone has to be responsible and accountable. i think that is all we're asking for. when a u.s. agent is killed and this kind of money, waetd
1:35 pm
taxpayer money takes place. >> gregg: the president says his predecessor is responsible. in fact on thursday. president obama told the uni vision audience, i'm sure you saw this -- i'll quote him here. fast and furious was a field initiated program begun under the previous administration. congressman, that is utterly untrue, is it not? >> i think that is shameful for the president to say that. yes, there was a fast and furious program before but it was properly operated. you didn't have people killed or weapons gone astray like this. >> gregg: and it stopped in 2007 two years before fast and furious begin. >> and it was a successful program. i have once chaired the criminal drug policy subcommittee in congress and we have done these kinds of programs before under four different administrations. but for the president to go back
1:36 pm
and blame bush, that is over the top. >> gregg: congressman john mica, thank you very much. if you get any of those documents, let us know about it. >> we want to get to the bottom of it. >> gregg: thank you, sir. >> heather: new developments in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. ptsd is commonly known as a disorder affecting more than 13% of u.s. military personnel. it's also seen in other people that have suffered severe trauma and abuse. one doctor is hoping to keep it at bay with a simple injection. anna has more on this. >> reporter: ptsd is often debilitating leaving people suffering from anxiety, nightmares, paranoia and leading to depression and substance abuse. more than 500,000 of post-9/11
1:37 pm
service members suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. there is new hope in a little known treatment known as stb an anesthetic in labor epidurals. it takes 15 minutes to be injected in the neck. relief from symptoms often happen in 30 minutes. they have received a waiver to perform sgb. >> sometimes the symptoms come back slowly. then it doesn't usually go really well to really bad, it's intermediate. people call us, we need a tune-up. someone from new york came up for a third tune-up. >> reporter: it's not under for treatment for ptsd but the doctor says it works 70% in patients showing a 50%
1:38 pm
improvement in symptoms, cost of injection is approximately thousand dollars and fully covered by the doctor's nonprofit chicago medical innovation. he has treated 65 patients from 25 states including vietnam vet. >> i was a little apprehensive when i went into it. it's not painful at all. if i had to do it again, i would reporter: patients remain off of medications and treatment has been successful applied to women suffering from ptsd as a result of sexual trauma and domestic abuse. >> heather: thank you very much. a glimmer of hope. thanks. >> gregg: analysts seem to agree that the united states is on verge of a pension crisis, notwithstanding big cuts all across the country and we'll take a closer look in how we got into this mess and what it means for your bottom line.
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>>. >> heather: nearly every state in the country has made cuts to public employee pensions, unfortunately, the cuts don't make a dent in the nearly one trillion dollar shortfall. how do we deal with the situation and what does it mean for the u.s. economy and your bottom line? ed is managing partner of chattedwood investment. thanks for joining us. how do these get so out of control? >> it's very typical. one thing to remember, corporations, prior to 1980, corporations, 80% of them had defined benefit plans. that what a pension plan. a defined benefit you are going to get when you retire. now corns 10% have a defined plan but state and
1:44 pm
municipalities which means they are going to get a defined benefit going to get when they retire. how it got so bad. investments and how they invested that money didn't keep up with exactly what they had as obligations. in addition to that less money was being put into it. two sources, one the investment didn't keep up on what they needed to keep up to because we had a bad economy and lot of people living longer and taking money out. additionally there wasn't more tax receive revenue into it. it has to be dealt in one way, austerity measures. >> heather: these new laws that we have tried so far, they turn one hundred billion out of $900 billion gap what the states and workers put into the retirement plans and what the states owe in retirement benefits. how do we best dig out of the hole?
1:45 pm
>> it's going to take a lot. so many people are going to have come to the realization there is not enough money to meet the obligations or responsibilities that the pension told them they were going to meet. you have north of you, a place in new york, last las year the teachers froze their salary increase, they said we can't sustain this. they took austerity measures. every place around the country is going to have that happen. what is going to talk is conversation, education and two minds coming together to solve a problem. you can't make money out of thin air, some people can, right? but some of these people they have to understand instead of getting hundred percent of what they were promised maybe they will get 90% but it will be there for the long run. >> teachers, police, firefighters. what does it mean for the economy overall? >> well, what it means for the economy there is going to be a strain. if you have an obligation and
1:46 pm
your cost of living is increasing at a certain level and you can't get the money out of your pension, lot of people are going to turn to the entitlement program. the solution, let's get the economy going, let's get more tax dollars into these pensions. that is really where a lot of money comes from. i do a lot of consulting on foundations and pension plans, a lot of these pensions are going to have to start taking a little greater risk with their money. many of them are sitting there in treasury bills that are earning 1 percent. they actually have to make 10-14% to get back to being solvent. there is going to be a lot of different things. this is problem at least for the next five, ten, 15 years. we're going to have marches and discussions and unfortunately a lot of lockouts and people going on strike until we get it solved. >> heather: don't we wish we could create money out of thin air. that would be nice.
1:47 pm
>> gregg: good counterfeiting machine. more violence as muslims around the world launch a new wave of anti-american protests. can the united states do anything to stop it? we'll be talking to aaron david miller former advisor to six secretaries of state. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay ale... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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anti-american anger on display in a new wave of protest against a film mocking the prophet muhammad. demonstrators are burning cars in the capital of bangladesh. police responding with batons and massive rally in islamabad. what can be done to stop it. aaron david miller is author of the book, can america have another great president? president obama continues to insist that all of these protests have nothing at all to do with his policies. is he right or wrong? >> well. he is wrong. it's not just his policies. what you got, gregg, talking about movies. you have a perfect storm. you've got three factors coming together which has been building up for quite some time. you have profound american
1:52 pm
sentiment. support for israel, campaigns in iraq and afghanistan. use of predator drones. our capacity to deny iran capacity to enrich while we allow the israelis and indians to have nuclear weapons. you have that. not an arab spring but islamist spring. with the rise of the governments to bar against muslims is much higher and new governments that are willing are unable to take the kinds of measures that would stop this sort of thing. they are unwilling or unable to do so. this is not something you can lay directly at obama's doorstep. this has been a problem that has been building for a long time. the real challenge is, it's going to be really difficult to stop. it's going to ebb and flo and we're going to have manage as best we can. the conventional wisdom, change
1:53 pm
our policy and everything will be fine. all the american sentiment, anti-american sentiment will dissipate. i think that is wrong. this anger is to a large degree inelastic. it's going to continue for a lot of reasons. >> gregg: our correspondent in egypt reports that these protestors have not seen the anti-muslim film. in fact a correspondent the man that organized the original protest, he hadn't seen the film. yet he is got thousands of muslims to take to the streets over this film. help us to understand how masses of people go to prayer on friday and then immediately turn out acts of violence out on the streets on something they don't know anything about on encourage of imays in the mosque that know nothing about it either?
1:54 pm
>> this is not coins dental. i'm not endorsing this repulsive film. there is a constitution in this country. we have a high bar on protecting freedom of speech here. but this is pretext that is being used to manipulate, to exploit and to mobilize. in fact, in the case of libya which is probably the most pro-arab state in the entire world to embarrass the libyan government. too many guns and too many gripes and not enough control. there is no question the video provided a compelling justification and pretext to mobilize. that is exactly what is going to happen. this is not going to stop the protests but the anger on the part of islamists toward the united states will not stop. one interesting comparison. in 1981 a turkish muslim tried to kill the pope in the vatican
1:55 pm
no less. you have a series of cartoons which portray the professor net a terrible light, between hundred and 200 people are killed. its structural problem and not going to stop. >> gregg: i got a minute left. president obama took office, promising to restore relations with the islamics world what appeared to be goodwill and here is force of his character and charisma. did he overestimated his ability and under es tairt mated the challenge, was he naive? >> he clearly believed that this region was ready for transformative change. years after george bush, what was required more idealized conception of the region. his rhetoric far exceeded our capacity to essentially produce these changes. but again, frankly, i think he
1:56 pm
has learned quite a bit over the last year and a half. failure really does that to you. >> gregg: well said. failure has a tendency to escalate the learning curve. aaron david miller, great to see you. >> take care. >> heather: coming up, a father and husband serving three life sentences for murdering his family make it another day in court. why after four decades a judge may take a second look at the infamous fatal vision murders. judge jeanine pirro weighs in coming up. i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now?
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>> heather: hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. well dom a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. topping the news, angry demonstrators in libya targeting militant militia groups 11 days after the attack on the u.s. consulate there. we've got a live report from tripoli. >> heather: on this first day of autumn, the northeast braces for some nasty storms overnight. we will get the very latest from the fox extreme weather center. >> gregg: and on your mark, get set, go. 12 patriotic americans begin a nationwide ride across the country to raise money for wounded vets. we are with them all the way being in california right now.
2:01 pm
>> heather: up first, we find the presidential campaigns where else? in the battle ground states. paul ryan in florida. the sunshine state's 29 electoral votes, the biggest prize among the swing states that will decide the race for the white house. president obama in congressman ryan's home state, home to ten electoral votes. ed henry live from milwaukee. the president getting heat for saying he couldn't change washington from the inside. how is he responding? >> he's responding by saying what he meant was that the way for him to prevail in some of these big policy battles is to engage people outside washington, get them to pressure congress and others, for example, when he went out on the payroll tax cut fight. mitt romney, the republican nominee, is not standing for that. he's saying this suggests the president is admitting that he
2:02 pm
could not change washington, that he could not do what he promised to do in 2008, so the president on the campaign trail yesterday in virginia, fired back this way. >> we don't want an inside job in washington. we want change in washington. and from the day we began this campaign, we've always said that change takes more than one term or even one president. and it certainly takes more than one party. it can't happen if you write off half the nation before you even took office. >> the republican ticket not buying that explanation. paul ryan in florida today and he basically said look, if the president can't change washington, maybe we should change presidents, heather. >> heather: sounds like that is is tightening in wisconsin. is the obama campaign concerned? >> they are concerned because top obama official today admitted to us, look, the
2:03 pm
republicans had sort of a test run a few months ago when you had the recall election of scott walker and the republicans prevailed. paul ryan, he's on the republican ticket. this is his home state. the obama campaign spokeswoman told us earlier today, quote, we've always thought wisconsin would be harder for us this year than four years ago. we're going to run here like in any battle ground state like we're five points behind until election day. right now it looks like based on some of the polls, the president is up by five or six points in wisconsin. the reason they're nervous is he won by almost 14 points in 2008. so it gives you an idea it's closer than last time. >> heather: by five or six now. thanks so much. weppreciate it. >> gregg: the republican candidates crisscrossing the country today. governor mitt romney adding two last minute fund raiding events in california. the presidential nominee, paul ryan, beginning with events in florida and heading north to his home state of wisconsin.
2:04 pm
national correspondent steve centanni live with more. how is congressman ryan attempting to win over all those important florida voters? >> he's calling for more space exploration, which is a threatened industry in florida, appealing to older voters, and he's continuing to take aim at president obama in the meantime. ryan's first stop, miami, first today. then he later moved to orlando. polls show president obama leading by five points in florida, but ryan came out swinging. he went after the president over a comment he made recently on spanish language television. >> just the other day on univision the president said that he admitted he can't change washington from the inside. why do we send presidents to washington in the first place? don't we send presidents to washington to change washington, to fix the mess in washington? if president obama admits that he cannot change washington,
2:05 pm
then we need to change presidents. >> ryan also defending his plan for medicare, saying the president would let it go bankrupt. gregg? >> gregg: steve, what about mitt romney today, what's he up to? >> he's in california today, not campaigning for votes because he's not likely to get many there. but for dollars. he'll attend two fund raise increase los angeles and san diego. the gop trailing democrats by a few million dollars in august fundraising. there seems little bout about one thing. romney is up to the task physically. his long-time doctor gave him a clean bill of health. tomorrow the detainee off to colorado, another battle ground state for an evening campaign rally. gregg? >> gregg: steve live in washington. thanks. >> heather: group of very special riders are bicycling all across the country raising hope and support for families of fallen marines. the trek beginning today in
2:06 pm
california and the group is planning to arrive at ground zero right here in new york city in only nine days. claudia is live in oceanside, california with more. hi, claudia. >> hi, heather. a dozen ex-marines are clipped in and ready to roll on this cross-country bike ride designed to raise awareness and money for the families of fallen servicemen and women. here you see them behind me. in the next 8 1/2 days or so, they plan to cover as a team, 450 miles every day. and get sleep when they can and they hope motivate people who see or hear about their effort to dig just as deep into their waltz. dave myers began this annual warrior ride across america in 2009. he's a vice president at jpmorgan which and this is how you're penning your vacation week. what sparked this idea? >> what sparked it was we want to do continue to serve, after being in the marine corps for
2:07 pm
five years. we want to do continue to help the families of our friends still serving. >> you're going to be riding 450 miles a day. i know you've done a lot of riding before, but you know you'll hit a wall. do you have a support crew, but when you hit that wall, how important is your training and experience as a marine going to be? >> we certainly trained a lot and it will fall right into fold for us. we've all hit walls before, certainly our military careers. we'll lean on each other. we'll need to on the road overt next eight days and i think we will, we're confident. >> i know you've all been training really hard for the past six months. this is actually going to be a camping trip for all of you. i know that you're all ready to go. you've got the police escort all ready, ready to start your ride? >> let's do it. >> gentlemen, good luck. we'll meet new new york a week from tomorrow at the 9-11 memorial at ground zero and there they go. let me just mention, as you see these riders head off on a
2:08 pm
cross-country trip, they're hoping to raise $1 million for some very worthy causes. if you would like to donate or learn more about this bike ride, go to the travis man state or marine corps law enforcement foundation site. there they go, flags and all. off to a big incredible journey across the country. again, hoping to raise a million dollars, very worthy cause, 3200 miles across the country in a show of inspiration, unity and endurance. heather, back to you. >> heather: definitely endurance. 450 miles a day for 8 1/2 days. wow. thank you so much. we will be following the warriors' ride and checking in with them throughout the week. we will be covering their arrival at the world trade center site. so stay tuned with fox for that. >> gregg: alaska declaring its
2:09 pm
state of disaster right now flooding affecting nearly 200-mile stretch from mount mckinley down past anchorage and more rain expected this weekend. meteorologist maria molina is following it all from the fox extreme weather center. hi, maria. >> good to sigh. unfortunately, we do have very rough weather out across southern parts of alaska. we're expecting more flooding rain for today and even tomorrow with very strong winds as the storm system continues to impact that area. the good news is that that system will finally move out and we're expecting a shift in the weather pattern as we head into next week across southern parts of alaska. we should begin to see improvement and also drier weather and also some cooler temperatures. they're going to start to feel like fall as we head into next week. it is officially fall already across basically the entire country. we are looking at the start of fall today as of 10:49 a.m. eastern daylight time. current temperatures across parts of the midwest and great lakes showing it is fall. 58 in chicago. 58 in the city of minneapolis.
2:10 pm
very cool out there. even in cleveland, a current temperature at 52 degrees. as we head into basically comparing the temperatures into what's average for this time of year, you can see it's all below average. 9 to 13 degrees below what's typical for this time of year. a little too early -- as we head into sunday, more cool air moving eastbound into portion of the great lakes and even across interior parts of the northeast, like in pittsburgh. tomorrow we're expecting a high temperature at 61 degrees. that's 11 degrees below what's average this time of year. all of this cool air is headed eastbound. we'll start to feel the impact across parts of new york city as we head into later tomorrow and also in through early next week. we will be experiencing some near record low temperatures across parts of the midwest as we head into early sunday morning. look at international falls and minnesota. tomorrow morning, you're expecting a temperature around 25 degrees hovering around your record, same goes for duluth, across parts of wisconsin, iowa and ken.
2:11 pm
getting very -- kentucky, getting very chilly and feeling like fall. in portion of the northeast, that front is going to be headed eastbound and it will be firing up storms and showers and some storms could produce severe weather from albany through the dc area, damaging wind gusts, large hail, and even isolated tornadoes will be possible. gregg, we'll keep an eye on that throughout the day. >> gregg: first day of autumn. hate to see summer go, but we love autumn. pretty trees and plants. >> heather: football. >> gregg: see, i should be saying football! i'm talking about flowers. thanks very much. >> heather: back to one of our other top stories, more world wide outrage aimed at the united states apparently over a anti-islamic film. in germany around hundreds march not guilty one city there showing their anger over the film's depiction of the prophet mohammed. and in bangladesh, hup of
2:12 pm
demonstrators with the same message. the pakinstani government is offering a a $100,000 reward for the deaths of the film maker. >> gregg: here at home, peaceful calls to stop the chaos and the violence overseas. hundreds gathering at the islamic center of america in dear born, michigan. jew, christian, side by side in unity. one speaker pointing out there are millions of muslims in america and there hasn't been any violence or protesting in this country over the movie. >> we're hear to tell the world that we are against bigotry and hatred. the muslims have to condemn this kind of movie, but muslim are not to attack innocent people and killing people. >> we can respond through using peaceful speech and getting to know each other, even if we don't always agree, but we can
2:13 pm
respect each other. >> gregg: organizers are hoping these demonstrations of support will show people of all faiths that we can stand together. >> heather: a dramatic turn of events in libya. hundreds of people outraged over the murders of a popular u.s. ambassador and three other americans, storming a militia compound in benghazi. set up with local armed groups. greg palkot streaming live from tripoli with the latest. >> rick: heather, we have been speaking to our contacts on the ground in benghazi in the eastern part of the country. the word we're getting is it is calm there tonight, but it is also tense. major protest against militias in that city yesterday turned violent overnight. various compounds were hit by protesters, getting as many as 11 people killed. 70 people injured on all sides. the main target, the militant group, ansar al-shariah,
2:14 pm
expected of having links to the killing of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. after protesters ransacked the compound of that militia, they went on to target at least one other militia, with closer ties to the government. that's when we are told, a lot of those casualties occurred. they are evacuating the city to preserve security there. the events of the last 24 hours underscores what the volatile knit that city is. again, all of this occurring very close to where ambassador stevens and the other americans were killed the night of september 11. maybe a reason why all of our indicators are still showing that the team of f.b.i. agents that were dispatched to this country to investigate the killing of stevens and others still remain in tripoli waiting for things to calm down a little bit over there in benghazi. late w in the past 20 minutes or so, is that
2:15 pm
another city called durna, further to the east in libya, is saying that two other militias there have decided to disband and remove themselves from compounds there. we're waiting for word on that. but certainly the ratcheting down of the strength of the militia, the turning up of the strength of the central government could be important for security here and maybe also for the investigation of those killings. back to you. >> heather: greg palkot streaming live. thank you very much. >> gregg: murder case that shocked america for decades four decades ago is back in the headlines. remember the so-called fatal vision case. a new twist that could set a convicted killer free after all these years, judge jeanine in the wings, waiting to weigh in. >> plus, grab your beer. the fall would not be complete without this vegetable. issue -- festival. >> gregg: you're looking at what many republicans want to see
2:16 pm
vice presidential nominee paul ryan on the national stages releasing the ryan, as some are saying, with the republican -- what the republican ticket needs. >> when you rely on other countries to lend you their money to run your country, you lose your sovereignty. you lose control. you lose your independence. we have to get this under control because this is harming our nation's sovereignty. [ cheers and applause ] different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
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>> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. new york city police planning to arrest a man who was mauled by a tiger at the bronks zoo. the visitor jumped into the tiger's den and bit on the back by the big cat. he may face charges fortress passing. and lightning putting firefighters in washington state on high alert. crews are already battling a large wildfire if the central part of the state. dry lightning storms and high winds have the potential to ignite new blazes. and it is oktoberfest in germany. munich's mayor tapping off the first keg to start the festival.
2:21 pm
growing number of conservatives suggesting a new strategy for the republican presidential ticket. more paul ryan on the campaign trail. listen to someone who knows the congressman very well, wisconsin governor scott walker, from congressman ryan's home state. >> i was enthused when mitt romney picked paul ryan because i thought that was a signal that this guy was getting serious, he was getting bold. i just haven't seen that kind of passion. i know that paul has transfer over to our nominee. >> gregg: passion transferred over to romney of. what about that, george, martin frost, former democratic congressman for texas. does governor walker have a point? is mitt romney a sort of lack luster nominee the republican version of al gore who was described as wooden as a syca
2:22 pm
sycamore. >> he needs to do more, the des moines chamber. serious venues and rallies where he can get out a more passionate plan, both for the economy and foreign policy. ryan is doing just fine. he's doing exactly what vp's do and that's fire up the base. >> gregg: congressman frost, you served with paul ryan. smart guy, a catalyst for big ideas and change. is ryan being underutilized and the beneficiary here is president obama? >> look, gregg, vice presidential candidates rarely make any significant difference in a race. >> gregg: lyndon johnson -- >> i was about to say. in my lifetime, it's only happened twice. lyndon johnson in 1960 because kennedy needed support in the south, and then sarah palin was somewhat of a drag on the ticket in 2008. other than that, people have voted on the presidential
2:23 pm
nominee. they're going to either vote for romney or obama. now, let me say one thing, i think that paul ryan appearing with romney actually is helpful to romney because romney seems to get more enthusiastic around paul ryan. >> gregg: right. >> but i think that's the only effect he can have. they're not going to vote for romney because of ryan. >> gregg: brad, today's rasmussen poll, we're going to have scott on shortly -- shows that they're in a tie nationally. look at that. but look, that's not how you win elections. you know that. you've got to amos electoral votes by winning states. president obama has appeared to have increased his lead in several key swing states, virginia, ohio, to some extent florida. what's happened to remain knee here? >> he's still within the margin of error. let me go back to what congressman frost said. having ryan and romney appear together once a week in battle
2:24 pm
ground states would be a great idea. having them appear together, energizes the base, but also energizes the population of the state. having said that, in our battle ground states like ohio and florida, we have republican governors. they have tremendous machines within their own party structure. so i think once you get down to the nitty-gritty of getting out the vote, it will mean a lot in these states. >> gregg: romney is behind in wisconsin, yet walker won on the recall effort. >> let me make one point, rasmussen's poll has pretty much been an outlier. all the other polls show obama up, three, 4%. so i wouldn't put too much stake in the one poll by rasmussen. i think the race is relatively close, but obama is clearly ahead. >> gregg: let me defend scott here, he pulls likely voters who a lot of folks don't. one can argue his is more accurate. look. >> but some of the network polls have been polling likely voters.
2:25 pm
>> gregg: look what's happened to the economy since president obama took office. unemployment up, median income down. debt skyrocketing, gas prices up. more people on food stamps it's a record high. how in the world that president obama could be doing so well electorally when the economy on his watch is doing so poorly? >> gregg, it's mind boggling. if it wasn't for bad news, he wouldn't be making news on the economy. the statistics you said are absolutely right. i think that shows the pollarrized electorate. our base will vote for us. their base is going to vote tore them. we're fighting over 6% in the middle. that's the deal we have to close with independence, to prove to them why it is a change needs to be made. >> the bottom line is romney has been a very weak candidate so far. i agree. >> gregg: really? he's tie -- >> the unemployment rate, 8%,
2:26 pm
should favor romney. romney should be way ahead at this point. he's in fact behind because he has not run -- >> gregg: aren't there a lot of advantages that an incumbent has with the challenger never has? >> sure. he's got dual staff, a government staff, political staff. he has air force one, motorcade, security. he's got all the things of the presidency which means a lot. >> gregg: he commands immediate attention in terms of the media and some -- brad, has the obama campaign done a better job of defining romney than romney has of defining himself? >> i don't think so. i think what we need here is a defining moment for romney and that may come in the first debate on domestic policy. i think all eyes will be on the debate and more important than they've ever been. >> gregg: the president now says and he said it again today, that he never promised that fixing the economy would be quick or easy. well, yes, he did, didn't he? didn't he famously vow to get it done in three years? didn't his economic team brag
2:27 pm
that unemployment would be 5.6% today if his stimulus was passed and of course, it was? >> gregg, you make my point because look, even though the economy has not performed as well as obama said it would, the people aren't buying into romney. there is something, there is a disconnect between romney and the public. i don't know if it's because he paid 14% income tax and a lot of people pay higher than that. i don't know what the reason is. but he is not -- >> he's a lot more generous than president obama was in terms of charitable contributions. come on, you really want to go there? people don't vote on how much tax has nominee paid, really. >> he hasn't been able to connect with the people. certainly that video of him back in florida where he was writing off 47% -- >> you mean the criminal video that was taken surreptitiously? >> the one that showed him saying -- >> that's not resonating. >> 47% were living off the economy and didn't want to work. >> gregg: i think the president has been caught on videotape saying a few regrettable things
2:28 pm
as well. aren't we all? sometimes i do it myself. brad, representative martin frost, good to see you both. thank you. >> heather: should guns be allowed on college campuses? a wave of violent crime at one major american university has some students thinking that, you know, that might not be a bad idea. elizabeth prann joins us live from atlanta with more on that story. elizabeth? >> hi. almost every year, universities issue whether or not they should allow students to carry weapons on campus. it's very much heating up in georgia on georgia tech's camotes. many students say they feel unsafe on campus after years of violent robberies and attacks on campus streets. one student woke up in his dorm in july with a gun pointed to his head, although perpetrators left him unharmed. he was robbed after the incident. students for concealed carry is a national organization which advocates concealed weapons on campuses. it was organized a day after the
2:29 pm
virginia tech shooting in 2007. the group has 40,000 student members and it's active on more than 130 campuses across the nation. robert eager represents the group here at georgia tech. he says they're working to educate the public and push for law abiding citizens, including both students and faculty to carry guns legally. listen. >> concealed weapon holders are significantly less likely to be arrested or convicted of crimes than the remainder of the population. the second they step onto campus, it's argued they become irresponsible and can no longer carry them safely. >> we're seeing this debate all over the country. the colorado supreme court ruled in favor of the movement, allowing students legally to carry weapons on to classrooms a year earlier, same story in utah. however, the massive movement is a group of students who say they want schools to be gun free zones. they want rules to be stricter. they feel it's no place for any violence or weapons on campus.
2:30 pm
we spoke with georgia tech officials who say they need to comply with state rules and their campus is remaining vigilant. >> heather: thank you very much. elizabeth prann live from atlanta for us. >> gregg: right now the president of iran is flying to the united states as tensions soar between his country and israel. what to expect when the leaders of both countries arrive for this week's united nations general assembly meeting. >> heather: and ann romney's flight makes a dramatic emergency landing. the latest on the investigation [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help.
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[ children laughing ] ♪ the smell of salt in the air. ♪ it's the sound a seashell makes. [ seagulls calling ] a place that's beyond your imagination, yet well within your means. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. anger rises on the streets of libya as protesters attack extremist militias. at least four were killed. >> gregg: right now investigators are looking into an electrical fire that caused
2:35 pm
ann romney's flight to make an emergency landing. the cabin reportedly filled with smoke, but nobody was injured. >> heather: and stores across the u.s. reporting they are sold out of the new iphone 5. many ordered on-line and will have to wait three to four weeks for the phones to ship. stay tuned next hour, "consumer reports" will tell us if the iphone 5 is worth all that hype. >> gregg: right now iranian president ahmadinejab is on his way to the united states. he's heading to the u.n. general assembly meeting where he hopes to convince irans allies to push for changes in the united nations. this is global tension grows over his country's nuclear plans. rick leventhal is live in jerusalem with details. hi, rick. >> iran insists it's not building a nukecally bomb, but israel says they are and threatens to strike soon to stop them. today iran's top general said
2:36 pm
war with israel will happen and says iran is focusing all its energy on boosting its military capability to wipe the jewish state off the map. and yesterday iran showed off some of its hardware, a military parade, commemorating the start of the iran-iraq war 32 years ago. on display a new iranian built rod mobile air defense system and two missiles reportedly redesigned to travel farther and do more damage. israel has threatened to bomb iran's nuclear site soon, possibly before the u.s. presidential election in november as a way of insuring u.s. support in an effort to guarantees iran can't build an atom bomb. but israel is being warned, saying, quote, the zionist regime should know if they start something that, would be the end point of their story. this tough talk comes as the leaders of both countries prepare to attends the u.n. general assembly in new york. ahmadinejab boarding a plane to new york today.
2:37 pm
israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu plans to fly to new york next week after the jewish holiday yom kippur. no chance that these two men will meet in new york and at this point, no chance that either of them will meet with president obama either. gregg? >> gregg: rick leventhal live in jerusalem, thanks. >> heather: disturbing new information as far asking concerning the deadly attack in libya. 100 militants took part in the assault last week and f.b.i. agents are looking into whether the attack was an inside job. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from washington. >> f.b.i. team assigned to investigate the murder of chris stevens is looking into whether the group of about 100 attackers armed rocket propelled grenade high school inside help from the private security contractors who the state department had hired to guard inside the benghazi consulate. senator susan collins asked the
2:38 pm
director of the national counterterrorism center, matthew olson, this very question at a committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group, a private security group out of wales, to vet and hire local guards for the consulate. the was worth near lea half a million dollars. indications that the local guards may have been casing the consulate were first revealed in a post by sean smith on a gaming web site where he went by the name, vile rack. quote, assuming we don't die to me, we saw one of our, quote, police that guard the compound taking pictures. sean smith could have been referring to the libyan government police that guarded the periphery of the compound. today the libyan antes islamist protests targeted the compound of ansar al-shariah. there is word it may be with al-qaeda. the u.s. is looking into the report that the group were
2:39 pm
ambushed at this second location and that may mean they were killed by attackers who were tipped by libyan insiders. heather? >> heather: national security correspondent jennifer griffin, thank you. >> gregg: the case that sparked the book "fatal vision" over four decades ago issues beautiful family murdered. the father convicted. the next chapter in this tragedy have a different ending because of new evidence? judge jeanine takes the case next? >> did you murder your family? >> i did not murder nor did i hurt my family in any way. i was innocent in 1970 and i'm innocent now.
2:40 pm
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2:43 pm
>> heather: infamous murder case from the 1970s is back in court. more than 40 years after the killing of his two daughters and pregnant wife, the man convicted of the crime, jeffrey mcdonald, is getting a chance to present new evidence.
2:44 pm
his story was made famous in the book called "fatal vision." now he's saying there is new evidence supporting his claim that intruders were in the house the night of his family's murders. here is mcdonald's current wife, katherine, who he married in 2002. >> in light of the evidence as a whole, if the jury had heard that, would any reasonable juror have found jeffrey mcdonald guilty? that's what's being decided. so i have faith in the truth. >> the jury made the correct decision in 1979. it's been upheld by every appellate court that ever looked at it for 33 years and i've heard of nothing that's happened this week that would change anyone's opinion one bit. >> heather: let's bring in judge jeanine pirro, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> heather: so this new evidence, what is it? >> first of all, it's not new. it's amazing how this stuff starts to get a life of its own. we now have three hairs that are
2:45 pm
not mcdonald's, the defendant's hairs, that were found six years ago and could have been identified or at least recognized as not belonging to the defendant. now, i'm going to ask you something, if someone were in your house in the last year, is it quite possible they might have left dna, the rug cleaner of someone who came in to deliver something that, is not indicative of whether or not mcdonald committed the crime. i'll tell you what is. number one, his two daughters and his pregnant wife were stabbed with steak knives and ice picks. okay? many, many times. he was just cut with one knife, one time. he says there was this big fight in the living room. the only thing that's upset in the living room is a table is overturned. but what he's saying now, and what you heard is his wife reference is the fact that they have a belief that because of these hairs and because several people who they say said x, y and z are not available that
2:46 pm
change should be able to have a new trial. and those are the u.s. marshall who said there was a drug addicted woman who was wearing a floppy hat and was told if you tell anyone there on the night of the crime, we're going to prosecute you. the u.s. marshall who said he overheard this is dead. the woman with the floppy head is dead. her own boyfriend said she was with her girlfriend that night. here is the bottom line, if you have everybody dead and the defendant comes to federal court and says, judge, had they been alive, they would have said this, therefore, i need a new trial, then every defendant would wait until his witnesses died and say i want a new trial. it's not going to happen. >> heather: you have the brother of the infamous woman in the floppy hat who was ten years old at the time who said now, and he is alive -- says that he heard
2:47 pm
his mother, who was told by the woman with the floppy hat, that she was there at the scene and he's the one that is recounting the story. >> right. and his mother is dead. and his sister who supposedly said it is dead. his sister implicated her boyfriend, he took a lie doctorates and passed it. he's dead. this is getting to the point beyond ridiculous. the standard is very clear. in order to have a conviction like this overturned in federal court, what you must prove is number one, that there is a constitutional violation. and number two, that there is clear and convincing evidence of actual innocence. now, the blood trail at the crime scene and the evidence and the test done at the time make it very clear that based upon the statements made by mcdonald, that there is nothing that can prove he's innocent and this is just a straw at that he's reaching for. >> heather: nothing to prove he was innocent. but what about the proof that he was guilty and a motive for the
2:48 pm
crime originally? >> heather, none of us can say what happens in domestic violence settings or when someone comes back from service. avenues green beret and whether or not he was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. but what we do know is his story is inconsistentents with the scientific evidence at the scene and his claim of what people who are all dead said is not corroborated. the u.s. marshall who said i heard her say this is dead and the other u.s. marshall, the records prove he was never alone with her. makes no sense. >> heather: when will the decision be made? >> it's up to the judge. i'm sure it will be soon. but i don't think he's getting a new trial. >> heather: thank you so much. we appreciate it. and you can catch judge jeanine at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. thank you. gregg? >> gregg: surprising answers from american homeowners. we'll tell you about brand-new information on how much their homes are worth now compared to how much they still owe.
2:49 pm
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>> heather: new polls are giving us a look at where the presidential candidates stand right now. and the real clear politics national poll average shows president obama ahead of governor romney by more than 3%.
2:53 pm
>> gregg: but a head to head matchup from the rasmussen report daily tracking poll shows a dead heat, 46 to 46. rasmussen releasing polls which focus on one of the biggest issues for voters this year, the state of the housing market and we'll get to that in just a moment. joining us now, scott rasmussen of rasmussen and the author of "the people's money." all right. how does this compare to some of the key battle ground states? how does it match up there? >> three most important states are florida, ohio, and virginia and each of those states the president is ahead by one or two points. what this tells us, the race still very close, maybe a slight edge for the president, but gregg, anybody who tells you they know who is going to win is lying to you or themselves. >> gregg: i've been saying the same thing to other people. it's too early. it really is. people don't decide a -- a lot don't decide 'til the very end. >> there's a lot of events that
2:54 pm
can change things. >> gregg: absolutely. >> heather: a lot has been said about the housing market, but a lot of it has not been discussed on the campaign trail. when it comes to folks at home what, do they think about their home, how much it's worth and how much they owe? >> this is really discouraging news. only 47% of homeowners think their home is worth more than the mortgage. we were all brought up to believe you buy a home, you pay the mortgage and watch the equity grow. now under half think they have any equity at all. this is a big part of the economic concern in the nation today. >> gregg: what is their expectation over the next year? >> 22% of homeowners expect their home to go up in value over the next year. 23% expect it to go down. the number that worries me the most? we asked people what they expect over the next five years. only 40% think their home will be worth more in five years than today. >> heather: what do they think can be done in terms of the trouble with housing in america? >> the real answer is they don't
2:55 pm
believe the housing market will get better until the overall economy can get better. if it's only 20% think the targeted government programs will help. right now they also think in materials of the mortgage problem itself, that the real problem most americans believe the real problem is that too many people have gotten mortgages they can't afford. it's not a question of mortgages being unavailable. >> gregg: i fell out of my chair the other day when i saw a report that the interest rates have reached an all-time low. 15-year fixed mortgage, for example, you can get one for 2.77. it's truly amazing. what do people think about where interest rates are going, though in. >> 47% expect that interest rates will be higher in a year. that number is up 6 points from a month ago. there is not a real panic about inflation. if i look back to where the numbers were from 2009 to 2011, there was an even greater concern about higher interest rates at that time. i think it's because of what you've been talking about. we keep hearing these unbelievably low rates and they
2:56 pm
keep going lower every time you turn around. >> gregg: last time i refinanced, i assured my wife, it will never get lower. guess what? it's lower bay full point. >> be careful with those assurances you make to your wife. >> gregg: she never takes me seriously respect to anything. >> heather: i'm sure she does. >> gregg: all right. scott rasmussen, great to see you. good numbers. thanks very much. >> heather: that does it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville take over at the top of the hour. >> gregg: we'll be back here at 4:00 p.m. eastern on sunday. that's tomorrow. we hope off wonderful weekend, everyone. >> heather: bye at usaa, we believe honor is not
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